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Clip from video - Amelia in burlesque costume is suspended in the air

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Extant takes its company of outstanding blind artists and blends burlesque, comedy and horror, to create a thrilling and unique moment where immersion meets experience.

Three trainers attend a seminar where things are not as they seem…When the invention begins where does the horror end? When the eyes can’t see what do the ears and skin say? And when the light comes, is the cure or cause revealed?

Sheer will lead you on a sensational and provocative trip through a theatrical maze in the dark and light, that teeters on the edge of fantasy and revelation, unfolding sensual desires and twisted ambitions that literally surround and bump up against you.

WARNING: 16 years +. Much of this show takes place in the dark and features moments of sudden special effects. Not for those of a nervous disposition, so come if you dare!

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